I am an art historian and theorist, and my daily life consists of three main activities: teaching (about art and its histories), writing (often about art, but sometimes about other things) and making art, both images and some assembled objects. I have a PhD in art history from UCLA, with a specialty in contemporary art and critical theory. A long-standing interest in appropriation art led to a dissertation on the work of Sherrie Levine. I am also deeply invested in feminism and queer theory.

This website, on the other hand, is primarily dedicated to my visual artwork. It is an archive of sorts, but it is not comprehensive. I present it as a sample of the different types of work I’ve produced over two decades. Many of the pieces included here—except for the very recent work—have been sold or given away. For me, the value of this virtual archive is in allowing people to see works—all of which have been labors of love—that would otherwise be seen by very few.

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Questions? You can contact me at tradowskyc at gmail dot com.